RSI and vertical mouse: a look back at the last 6 months

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a frequent issue when you spend 10+ hours a day in front of a computer, and it is something I have unfortunately been experiencing these last few years. Since I own a mac, I have always been using a magic mouse, but as aching in my right hand (and arm) started to occur on a more regular basis, I started wondering whether this beautiful, yet - let’s be honest - way too small device was the root of my problem.

Wordpress staging environments on the cheap

Staging environments are one of the keys of a (proper and) controlled deployment process, whatever the technology. Wordpress isn’t any different. You have a problem if you - like me - run a few things on wordpress, don’t consider it as a priority subject (hence do not have the time, nor the money to commit on the suject), …yet still want to make it a decent process. Typical “have it both ways” conundrum.

Create a dribbble API-powered portfolio in no time

APIs are a foundational element in today’s tech world. They help you enrich your data, and remain the best, simplest and quickest way to integrate to other engines, apps … you name it. In this example, we’ll focus on a quick (and dirty) dribble to website integration, helping you generate a dribbble-api-powered portfolio, and kill two birds with one stone. Leveraging APIs Matters Quick codepen showing you in details how I did it.

Mac Finder freezes... WTF

Another blog post on Apple devices playing up (following the “boot to black screen” one) with this time, the way to resolve a frozen finder on OSX (Mavericks in my case). The thing happened to me a few months back, with Finder freezing over and over after a few seconds or minutes of usage, forcing me to force quit Finder on numerous occasions throughout the day. Fed up with this bug, and not willing to move away from the native file managing app, I eventually got it sorted out by simply using Mac’s Safe Mode, something that Windows users might be more inclined to be using on a regular basis.

Gulp throws Potentially unhandled rejection error

So you’re using Gulp and you’re thrown a “Potentially unhandled rejection [2] Error: no writecb” and you have no idea what to do next… It was my case up to last night when running Gulp for the first time (I usually run Grunt) during the initialization of Wes Bos’ “React for Beginners”, and the run of a gulp-stylus task. Updates first Initial reaction should be to make sure you’re up to date with all components at hand.

Alfred App Review

An app all windows users envy us if they have had the chance to take Mac’s already-powerful search feature to the next level, with Alfred - the award winning app and best butler I have ever known… Like any developer out there, I want to use the keyboard as much as I can. For productivity reasons first, and for others. Been using Alfred for years, and I can’t get bored of it.

Leverage Sublime Text Macros to automate repeatable actions

Sublime Text Macros are a smart little tool to automate repeatable (and often-repeated) patterns. For example, I need to build arrays from lists of things on a regular basis. As easy as it can be in sublime to perform such an operation, using the basic automation provided by Macros is the best way forward. Automation, automation, automation Simply navigate to Tools/Record Macro to record what you want Sublime to do on your behalf, Save your macro with a ‘.

Grunt throws a Maximum call stack size exceeded error

Grunt throws a ‘maximum call stack size exceeded’ error after running a simple task, and you haven’t got the slightest idea what it means. No sweat. But I can’t blame as this is just what happened to me today while working on a website redesign. The grunt task is a simple ‘imagemin’ task I decided to run separately, and I don’t recall having had the same issue before. Cut a long story short, you launch something along the lines of: “grunt imagemin” in your terminal, and you’re thrown the following error:

Record your screen in animated GIF format with Licecap

I’m often being asked what screen recorder software I use, since I frequently document tutorials, emails, and other user guides with self-explanatory gifs. And since the app I use is 1. open source (hence free), 2. super light, and 3. very easy to use, I thought I would give Licecap the credit it deserves. As mentioned on the app’s website, Licecap is a simple animated screen captures software. It probably has the least sexy logo ever, but the app is just great.

Autocomplete file names in Sublime

Another cool add-on to your Sublime with this great little plugin that allows you to autocomple your file names and speed up your coding. Use your Package Control (CMD + SHIFT + P) to install AutoFileName and start playing with it. Autocomplete FTW! Been using for a long time now, but I reckon it hasn’t got the fame it deserves. Kudos to @boundincode (Liam Cain), the creator behind AutoFileName.

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