Logo design on the cheap

Recently had to work on a website which needed a logo. You clearly have 2 options: You ask a logo designer. This is a real job, people. If the success of your business is going to be largely impacted by your branding, then don’t be a fool and ask someone whose job is exactly this to do it for you. And pay her/him what she/he’s asking Your logo ain’t gonna make such a difference and you just want to get a logo on the cheap and are willing to do this yourself.

No Microsoft tracking with VS Codium

About a year ago, I switched from Sublime to VS Code, and never looked back. The code editor does everything I need, and having the terminal and console closed to your code is a mega plus. But the other day, cyborg rights activist Aral Balkan, whom I was talking to on Twitter, mentioned to me the existence of VS Codium, a clone of Visual Studio Code, providing its users with the same Microsoft application experience, but without Microsoft’s telemetry code and data usage tracking.

Using git on your Synology

I’m pushing the majority of my git projects to github for the simple reason that 1. they are public and hence do not need to remain hidden from the rest of the world, and 2. they usually leverage open source technology which has been tweaked in some way and that could help others. However, there are specific personal projects and notes I do version using git and that I do not wish to send to the likes of Github, Bitbucket, et al.

Switching to Gatsby

It had only been a month since I converted my site from Jekyll to Hugo. But with the quarantine and lockdown 😷 fully enforced, I took the time to dig even more the static-site-generator subject, and decided to dedicate some time to learn Gatsby, an open source framework based on React (which I knew very little about), and apply my newly-acquired skills to the redesign of this very site. Job now done ✅

Why Hugo?

Quick post to mention I switched my blog from Jekyll to Hugo. Jekyll has been THE most popular static site generator since its creation back in 2008, and I naturally opted for it back in July 2015, as I was leaving Wordpress. Back then, getting my hands into Jekyll had not been that easy, but using it past the installation phase had been a joy. I was however keen to try Hugo, having heard a lot of good things about it, especially since it was branded as the world’s fastest framework for building websites.

How I keep on improving my Data Privacy in 2020

Data privacy has been a hot subject even before GDPR (25 May 2018) and CCPA (1st January 2020) became officially applicable. I actually discussed this very subject early 2017, discussing the various open source tools I opted for at the time. Anyway, 2 years on, let’s make a quick assessment of what was succesful and kept as well as look into the other tools I am currently using to ensure my data pricacy is in great shape.

Spin up php server locally with Docker

Almost same use case and files than last time. But this time, using Docker, which I had been wanting to test out for so long. docker run -p 80:80 -v /Users/your-username/path-to-docker-folder/src/:/var/www/html/ hello-world Everything is brilliantly explained on this Learn Docker in 12 Minutes video. Like on last post, proof files here. So long.

Spin up php server locally in no time

Another post on tooling with this time a quick and easy way to locally spin up a php server, for - say - php templating and testing. php -S localhost:2222 As mentioned here, the CLI SAPI provides a built-in web server (as of PHP 5.4.0). It is not intended to be a full-featured web server. But designed to aid application development. Using the above command line is pretty much all is needed.

Crop documents with Mac's Preview

So you want to quickly/cheaply crop a jpg or pdf but have no tools lying around your mac to do so. There’s actually an easy way to do it using Mac’s native image and PDF viewer Preview. Command + K Really handy way if you can’t be bothered installing gimp, or alternative. Open the file in Preview Select Tools > Rectangular Selection Draw your selection area on the file Use Command + K to crop the image Save your document So long.

Quick way to run a windows application on a mac

From time to time, as a mac owner, you’ll have to run a Windows application for testing (or other) purposes. Obviously, there are tons of solutions allowing you to run windows on a mac, but not all are light, free and quick wins. VIRTUALIZATION TIME The quickest and easisest way (to me) is to use Virtualbox (open source and free), download a free virtual Windows machine from the Microsoft developer website, and spin it.

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