Alfred App Review

An app all windows users envy us if they have had the chance to take Mac’s already-powerful search feature to the next level, with Alfred - the award winning app and best butler I have ever known…

Like any developer out there, I want to use the keyboard as much as I can. For productivity reasons first, and for others.

Been using Alfred for years, and I can’t get bored of it. Don’t look at this post like an expert article on the subject, I have not even purchased the Powerpack, feature unlocking the likes of workflows, integrations, and even remote control to your IOS devices. To be totally honest, I have never really looked into the Powerpack, but I may be tempted to leverage their integration with Asana, another must-have IMHO.

It serves me right!

Anyway, for now, I use Alfred the most simple way ever, but it just works for me. Here are a few things you can do with Alfred:

You can easily configure your shortcuts and have for example “duckduckgo” shortened to “d” (just an example).

In a nutshell, I love this app.

Alfred 2 for Mac