Macbook Pro boot up issue with no startup chime... WTF

Already talked about this issue once… here, except this time I don’t have the chance to hear the startup chime, nor to reset any PRAM, nothing. The only chance I get is to enter my password and see the apple screen get stuck for ever. SAFE MODE Once I enter my password, the only thing I can do is press on the SHIFT key and hold it, until I enter the Safe mode.

Github: 2FA and personal token

So you’ve decided to turn on two-factor authentication (as you do) for your github account and you can’t commit (anymore) to your repos using the command line. TL;DR Create a personal token. You won’t be asked to provide a 2FA code when authenticating to GitHub on the command line using HTTPS URLs. Instead, you must create a personal access token and use its as a password. Log into your account Click on your avatar, then Settings Click on Developer Settings Choose Personal access tokens Generate new token Give your token a name Select the scope and permissions of your token Use your token as your password when prompted in the terminal Done ;)

Fontawesome Alfred Workflow

You have Alfred and use it on a regular basis? Your job is to build websites, or simple protoypes? You’re a fan of Font Awesome? Then you can leverage the power of Alfred’s Workflow and use it on the fly when including font awesome parameters into your designs. Simply donwload Alfred’s Font Awesome worklfow, and you’re good to go. Invoke the use of Alfred while designing (usually with ‘ALT+ENTER’), type fa and search through the available icons, pick one and click ‘ENTER’, your class is in your design.

No camera was found

You’re most likely running on Mavericks, or El Capitan, are using your mac or a monitor with integrated camera, and keep on getting something along the lines of ’no camera was found’ messages from Hangout or other web conferencing apps. Issue happened to me on dozens of times with an Apple Thunderbolt. This post isn’t intended to get to the bottom of this issue. So you can put back the screwdrivers where they belong.

Responsive email design framework MJML to the test

Email design is a real pain in the arse. We all know that. Therefore I decided to give mjml a go. For those who don’t know of, it’s a responsive email design framework built by a team of developers at Mailjet, a competitor of Mailchimp. The beauty of this framework results in the fact that you create something very much close to html, using an MJML markup language, and as mentioned in its detailed documentation, “its semantic syntax makes it easy and straightforward and its rich standard components library speeds up your development time and lightens your email codebase.

DuckDuckGo hacks for developers

DuckDuckGo is by far the best search engine out there. For your own privacy for starters, and also as a great little tool for us dev folks, adept of quick tech & code answers, and geeky little features. Smarter Search! A few tips and tricks that you may not know of. I’ve been using some for few for months, and only discovered others in the last few days.

Personal Data Privacy: start off 2017 on the right foot

New year new start. What a great opportunity to start it off on the right foot and greatly improve your behaviour and overall awareness on the personal data privacy subject. You will feel great and you will start breaking the chain! As discussed last time we talked on the matter, our personal data privacy matters a lot, and yet, it is being violated more and more. A quick glimpse at the news tell us the UK and Theresa May are trying to pass a law that will make it obligatory for internet providers to store every user’s history for up to a year (although the text has just been declared unlawful by EU’s Highest Court), or the German secret services are allegedly wanting to decrypt messengers like WhatsApp via the ANISKI project.

Create a PDF Compress Automator App

Every time I want to compress pdfs on a new apple machine, I find myself looking for the same (great) posts on the subject, and rarely find the one I’m looking for. This is why I’m putting up this nice (personal) go-to blog post on how to easily and quickly set up a PDF Compress Automator App, as I use the app almost every day. small is beautiful Right so, the steps are as follows:

(Our Personal) Data Privacy Matters

(Our personal) Data Privacy is a big deal. If you, like me, get annoyed every time you receive an unwanted newsletter, or feel wary about looking up some specific items while logged in on google, you’ll know what I’m talking about. This subject has always been of great interest to me, both from personal and technoligcal stand points. And as time passes by, and I see new generations of youngsters come into play, with absolutely no experience of what the time without the internet could have looked/felt like, it gets me thinking more and more about this situation, which I know isn’t new, but is not getting any better to say the least.

Speed up your Salesforce admin search with Sid's Searchbox

If you’re a Salesforce user, especially a developer or admin, you may spend most of your day in the Salesforce setup area, adding and editing apex classes, visualforce pages and adjusting other admin settings. Anything helping you stop wasting time on the setup area is more than welcome. Therefore I can only recommend you to give this chrome extension a go. In Search of Speed Made by Salesforce MVP and Dreamforce 16 superstar ;) Sid Nagavarapu, Salesforce Searchbox is a great way to gain in productivity by adding to all config pages a simple search box, which will search in all configuration items on the page.

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