Record your screen in animated GIF format with Licecap

I’m often being asked what screen recorder software I use, since I frequently document tutorials, emails, and other user guides with self-explanatory gifs.

And since the app I use is 1. open source (hence free), 2. super light, and 3. very easy to use, I thought I would give Licecap the credit it deserves.

As mentioned on the app’s website, Licecap is a simple animated screen captures software. It probably has the least sexy logo ever, but the app is just great.

Show, don’t tell

You open it, set your width, height, and click on record, and you’re done. Stop it, and you’ll get a nice looped gif file, you’ll be able to paste anywhere.

How neat is that?! I had always thought it was for mac only, but it was originally for windows environments, so all of you can have a go at this little app.

Thanks to Cockos Incorporated for this beauty.