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Hi, my name is flo. I used to be a front-end dev, I'm based in France and I work at Odaseva, a young and dynamic tech company.


Odaseva, a platform currently providing Salesforce customers with Data Governance capabilities sunch as Backup & Restore, Archiving, GDPR capabilities, and more. The company has a wide range of enterprise customers, including Fortune 500 companies, and now operates from all over the world.
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Development addict

Developer by day,... developer by night. The design and development experience I have gathered during 15+ years spent within various firms has made me an addict to the Front-end subject. I quickly specialized in responsive web design (like everybody else) when the trend emerged, often use Wordpress, Perch and Jekyll as prefered CMS solutions, and like to get involved in mentorship.

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Crop documents with Mac's Preview

Crop documents with Mac's Preview

So you want to quickly/cheaply crop a jpg or pdf but have no tools lying around your mac to do so. There’s actually an easy way to do it using Mac’s native image and PDF viewer Preview.

Quick way to run a windows application on a mac

Quick way to run a windows application on a mac

From time to time, as a mac owner, you’ll have to run a Windows application for testing (or other) purposes.

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