DuckDuckGo hacks for developers

DuckDuckGo is by far the best search engine out there. For your own privacy for starters, and also as a great little tool for us dev folks, adept of quick tech & code answers, and geeky little features.

Smarter Search!

A few tips and tricks that you may not know of. I’ve been using some for few for months, and only discovered others in the last few days.

Navigate through search results using Vim Line Navigation k – navigate upwards j – navigate downwards


DuckDuckGo offers a wide range of cheatsheets. Try them out. Just type the language, app, or software of your choice + cheatsheet. e.g. “jquery cheatsheet”, “css cheatsheet”, “javascript cheatsheet”, etc

duckduckgo cheatsheet

Validators, converters and beautifiers

“JSON Beautifier & Validator”, “HTML beautifier”, “Sass to Css Converter”, and more…

duckduckgo json validation


“Color picker” with RGB, HSV, CMYK conversion and “Hex code converter”

duckduckgo color


…on coding questions like “how to select img with jquery”

duckduckgo q&a


If you wish to look for something on a specific site, like Stack Overflow (!stack + query) or CSS-Tricks (!csstricks + query). The list of bangs is “here”. Here’s a cool one you can try yourselves: ["!caniuse flexbox"](!caniuse flexbox)

duckduckgo bangs