Macbook Pro boots to black screen... WTF

So you boot your macbook pro, and you get… well not much. A black screen staring back at you while you frantically reach for your phone to check possible solutions to this problem.

PRAM Reset

Look no further. The thing just happened to me and I managed to get through it by resetting the machine’s PRAM, which is - apparently - a common troubleshooting technique when your favorite apple goes to f***.

It allegedly should be the last resort when this kind of things happen. But as none of the other techniques I managed to find on the net did work, I’m only going to cover this one since, as mentioned above, it did the trick.

So here how it’s gotta be done.

CMD + ALT + P + R

You reboot the mac, and as soon as you hear the boot-up sound, you hold down the magic key combination displayed above.

I haven’t got the slightest idea what the problem was, and why I had to do this. But it just does work.