My Sublime Text Shortcuts CheatSheet

‘Have you documented your own Sublime Text shortcut cheatsheet?’ is a question I never get asked. But despite all your efforts to avoid the subject, here it is. In your face!

This post is likely to get updated on a regular basis since I tend to learn new stuff every day. See, when you start low, you’re bound to progress more often than never :)

So we’ve already spoken about ST3’s clipboard history capability. Here’s the rest of the stuff I use on a daily basis.

Command Usage
Command + click Multiple cursors
Command + C/V (without selecting something) Copy/paste entire line
Command + O/S/W Open/Save/Close file
Command + Control + P Get List of Saved Projects
Command + X Cut Line
Command + D Grab similar occurences
Command + Control + G Grab all occurences
Command + Shift + F Find stuff through files & folders
Command + K B Toggle sidebar
Command + K L Go Lower case
Command + K U Go Upper case
Command + Shift + / Commenting/Uncommenting
Command + Control + up/down Swap line order
Alt + drag Initial a column select
Command + Shift + left/right Select content from cursor to left/right end
Control + Shift + W Wrap Line or Selection with Tag (absolute favourite)
Command + Control + Shift +F Enjoy Distraction-free fullscreen
Select + [/( Wrap selection between parenthesis/brackets

More to come obviously…

ps: get yourself a licence, it’s only 70 box.