Google Authenticator is producing the wrong codes

What do you do when your Google Authenticator produces the wrong codes, and there’s nothing much you can do about it?

I’m a huge fan of the two-factor authentification, the now famous user identification system by means of the combination of two different components. It usually involves a password and some kind of time-based token available via an app on a mobile phone.

2-step verification is officially the best thing since sliced bread

So by now, we all know we’re talking about Google Authenticator. Great app, I use it all the time.

Problem I just encountered: my mobile is in maintenance, and I bought myself a cheap Wiko for the few days/weeks to come, and I can not make the app work. No idea why, the time zone is set as it should, I ran a sync from the app, and it’s telling me that all is fine.

So what do you do in such a bizarre situation. I found my answer on a forum, but as there’s not so much talk on the subject out there, this blog post may help some people stuck like me.

Use this app: FreeOTP

It seems a bit strange to be using a google feature with an app made by Red Hat. But the app is legit and approved, and more importantly it works like a charm, …even on a Wiko.

And get yourself a decent phone though lol.