Adding Disqus comments to Jekyll

Adding comments via Disqus to your Jekyll blog is something you probably want to do if you want a bit of life and interaction. Good news: it couldn’t be easier.

There are installation instructions on the Disqus documentation, and on various places around the web, but I thought I would recap the lot for y’all.

“Great discussions are happening here”… so Disqus says. Unless nothing much will in fact happen, and you’re fine with this.

First of all, sign up to Disqus then go there to add Disqus to your site.

Then generate a custom script for Jekyll, you’ll need to use the Universal Code option here.

Copy your script and paste it into a disqus.html template in /_includes. Make sure you surround the script between the if page.comments and endif liquid code lines.

Then edit your _config.yml file to add the “comments: true” bit…

      path: "" # an empty string here means all files in the project
      type: "posts" # previously `post` in Jekyll 2.2.
      author: flo preynat
      layout: "post"
      comments: true

Finally, go to your /_layouts/post.html template and add include disqus.html disqus_identifier=page.disqus_identifier (between liquid handles) below the end of your blog post.

You’re done!