1. Using git on your Synology

    I'm pushing the majority of my git projects to github for the simple reason that 1. they are public and hence do not need to remain hiddenā€¦

  2. Switching to Gatsby

    It had only been a month since I converted my site from Jekyll to Hugo. But with the quarantine and lockdown šŸ˜· fully enforced, I took theā€¦

  3. Why Hugo?

    Quick post to mention I switched my blog from Jekyll to Hugo. Jekyll has been THE most popular static site generator since its creation backā€¦

  4. How I keep on improving my Data Privacy in 2020

    Data privacy has been a hot subject even before GDPR (25 May 2018) and CCPA (1st January 2020) became officially applicable. I actuallyā€¦

  5. Spin up php server locally with Docker

    Almost same use case and files than last time. But this time, using Docker, which I had been wanting to test out for so long. Everything isā€¦

  6. Spin up php server locally in no time

    Another post on tooling with this time a quick and easy way to locally spin up a php server, for - say - php templating and testing. Asā€¦

  7. Crop documents with Mac's Preview

    So you want to quickly/cheaply crop a jpg or pdf but have no tools lying around your mac to do so. There's actually an easy way to do itā€¦

  8. Quick way to run a windows application on a mac

    From time to time, as a mac owner, you'll have to run a Windows application for testing (or other) purposes. Obviously, there are tons ofā€¦

  9. Macbook Pro boot up issue with no startup chime... WTF

    Already talked about this issue once... here, except this time I don't have the chance to hear the startup chime, nor to reset any PRAMā€¦

  10. Github: 2FA and personal token

    So you've decided to turn on two-factor authentication (as you do) for your github account and you can't commit (anymore) to your reposā€¦

  11. Fontawesome Alfred Workflow

    You have Alfred and use it on a regular basis? Your job is to build websites, or simple protoypes? You're a fan of Font Awesome? Then youā€¦

  12. No camera was found

    You're most likely running on Mavericks, or El Capitan, are using your mac or a monitor with integrated camera, and keep on gettingā€¦

  13. Responsive email design framework MJML to the test

    Email design is a real pain in the arse. We all know that. Therefore I decided to give mjml a go. For those who don't know of mjml.io, it'sā€¦

  14. DuckDuckGo hacks for developers

    DuckDuckGo is by far the best search engine out there. For your own privacy for starters, and also as a great little tool for us dev folksā€¦

  15. Personal Data Privacy: start off 2017 on the right foot

    New year new start. What a great opportunity to start it off on the right foot and greatly improve your behaviour and overall awareness onā€¦

  16. Create a PDF Compress Automator App

    Every time I want to compress pdfs on a new apple machine, I find myself looking for the same (great) posts on the subject, and rarely findā€¦

  17. (Our Personal) Data Privacy Matters

    (Our personal) Data Privacy is a big deal. If you, like me, get annoyed every time you receive an unwanted newsletter, or feel wary aboutā€¦

  18. Speed up your Salesforce admin search with Sid's Searchbox

    If you're a Salesforce user, especially a developer or admin, you may spend most of your day in the Salesforce setup area, adding andā€¦

  19. RSI and vertical mouse: a look back at the last 6 months

    Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a frequent issue when you spend 10+ hours a day in front of a computer, and it is something I haveā€¦

  20. Wordpress staging environments on the cheap

    Staging environments are one of the keys of a (proper and) controlled deployment process, whatever the technology. Wordpress isn't anyā€¦

  21. Create a dribbble API-powered portfolio in no time

    APIs are a foundational element in today's tech world. They help you enrich your data, and remain the best, simplest and quickest way toā€¦

  22. Mac Finder freezes... WTF

    Another blog post on Apple devices playing up (following the "boot to black screen" one) with this time, the way to resolve a frozen finderā€¦

  23. Gulp throws Potentially unhandled rejection error

    So you're using Gulp and you're thrown a "Potentially unhandled rejection 2 Error: no writecb" and you have no idea what to do next... Itā€¦

  24. Alfred App Review

    An app all windows users envy us if they have had the chance to take Mac's already-powerful search feature to the next level, with Alfredā€¦

  25. Leverage Sublime Text Macros to automate repeatable actions

    Sublime Text Macros are a smart little tool to automate repeatable (and often-repeated) patterns. For example, I need to build arrays fromā€¦

  26. Grunt throws a Maximum call stack size exceeded error

    Grunt throws a 'maximum call stack size exceeded' error after running a simple task, and you haven't got the slightest idea what it meansā€¦

  27. Record your screen in animated GIF format with Licecap

    I'm often being asked what screen recorder software I use, since I frequently document tutorials, emails, and other user guides with selfā€¦

  28. Autocomplete file names in Sublime

    Another cool add-on to your Sublime with this great little plugin that allows you to autocomple your file names and speed up your codingā€¦

  29. Macbook Pro boots to black screen... WTF

    So you boot your macbook pro, and you get... well not much. A black screen staring back at you while you frantically reach for your phone toā€¦

  30. Move and resize windows with Spectacle

    Repositioning and resizing windows isnā€™t probably the most entertaining subject out there, but as we do those two all day long, let's talkā€¦

  31. My Sublime Text Shortcuts CheatSheet

    'Have you documented your own Sublime Text shortcut cheatsheet?' is a question I never get asked. But despite all your efforts to avoid theā€¦

  32. Google Authenticator is producing the wrong codes

    What do you do when your Google Authenticator produces the wrong codes, and there's nothing much you can do about it? I'm a huge fan of theā€¦

  33. Responsive video code snippet

    An ancient blogpost of mine, and this clever responsive video code snippet presented (at the time) by Ethan Marcotte, at btconf 2014 duringā€¦

  34. Make Google Charts Responsive

    A quick blog post on how to make Google Charts play nicely in responsive mode. Nothing close to rocket science but still useful. For thoseā€¦

  35. Using Jekyll plugins on Github

    A bit of reading for all jekyll newbies who, like me, decided to host their Jekyll site on Github pages (or are in the process to do soā€¦

  36. Sublime Text 3 Clipboard History

    I've recently moved to Sublime Text 3, having enjoyed several years of cruising on version 2. The latest version is now more than matureā€¦

  37. Adding Disqus comments to Jekyll

    Adding comments via Disqus to your Jekyll blog is something you probably want to do if you want a bit of life and interaction. Good news: itā€¦

  38. Jekyll contact form with Formspree

    So you got yourself a nice static site, and you want to give your audience a chance to talk to you (directly) with a simple contact formā€¦

  39. Free stock photos for your projects

    Just a go-to blog post (for myself really) when on the lookout for free stock photos (that don't suck) for your web design projects, printā€¦

  40. Error installing jekyll: Failed to build gem native extension

    Though I would post this one since I did experience a few issues attempting to install jekyll, including this "Failed to build gem nativeā€¦

  41. Why Jekyll?

    I've got it easy on that one. Site is brand new, hence built from scratch, with absolutely no data to migrate/integrate. Picking aā€¦

  42. Responsive Images Meetup: Coming together is a beginning

    Last time I talked about responsive images, I did mention I was due to go to the responsive images meetup in Paris, and as the long-awaitedā€¦

  43. Add a neat little breakpoint snippet to your Sublime

    Letā€™s get Sassy today with this little yet very useful Sublime Text 2 breakpoint snippet handmade by James Nowland and obviously editable asā€¦

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